Structural Steel

Structural steel fabrication may seem like a rather simple form of production, but endless research, experience, and hard work goes into each and every piece of steel we fabricate.

structural steel fabrication moment frames

Colorado Steel Processing & Manufacturing Fabricator of Choice

There’s very little room between under-engineered, poorly manufactured steel, and over-engineered, cost-prohibitive steel beams.

Figuring out where the steel is required for your work will fall on that continuum means the difference between safety and profitability and disaster and waste.

Structural steel welding and fabrication takes special expertise, and a qualified and experienced welding company can help you find the perfect mix of quality and affordability.

All of our steel is fabricated to AISC ethics and AWS D1.1 welding code.

There are any number of standards to be considered when fabricating steel, depending on the usage, region, and other factors. Some may be mandatory, backed by the rule of law for the area, while others may represent best practices for producing safe, long-lasting products.

Structural steel welding and fabrication takes special expertise, and Rocky Mountain Steel Craft has invested in our equipment and proper training for our welders and fabricators.

It’s crucial that someone involved in the manufacture of your steel beams be intimately familiar with all the relevant standards, and thus maintain compliance from engineering to delivery. This is what has helped us become the structural steel fabricator of choice in Colorado.

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Metal Processing & Manufacturing Projects

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Metal Fabrication

Large quantity component processing and contract manufacturing. Stairs, Railings, Canopies, Pergolas, Screen Walls, Gates, Enclosures, Complex Custom Weldments, and much more!

structural steel fabrication moment frames

Structural Steel

From towering frameworks that touch the sky to intricate designs that redefine space, our mastery of structural steel fabrication shapes the very foundations of innovation.

Bespoke Metal Art / Signage Fabrication


From bespoke creations to functional art fabrication. Our expertise spans metal processing, manufacturing, and structural steel, bringing your ideas to life with precision and flair.