Founded in June 2018 by Josh Hakenewerth.  Josh has been ironworking and fabricating for over a decade both union and non-union, and has obtained a uniquely broad range of skills through his experiences within the industry.

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Custom Metal Fabrication Projects

Rocky Mountain Steel Craft is a licensed, certified, and insured metal fabricator.

Custom Metal Art

Custom processing, manufacturing, and fabrication of cut metal signs give you a unique way to define your business name or logo.

Just send us your logo or design and your desired size and we will create a rendering of your project for your approval.

structural steel projects

Structural Steel

Whether you need customized roof truss pieces or the whole truss we can make that happen. Steel beam fabrication may seem like a rather simple form of production, but endless research, experience, and hard work go into each and every beam we fabricate and erect.

Custom Awards and Plaques

When you need to honor someone special we can help you out with a custom handcrafted and engraved items work of art. Whether you are recognizing success or honoring a contribution we want you to have the very best.


Architectural Steel

The facade of your building or space is important and every detail counts. We check every angle to make sure these projects have a finished look that everyone is proud of!


Cost Effective Enclosures

Did you know that metal is a more cost-effective solution than brick for trash and equipment enclosures? Call us today for a quote.


Component Processing

CNC component manufacturing is an involved process that includes selecting appropriate metals, production, and finishing techniques.


Unique Art

The decorations you choose for the walls of your home and office define your space. Give us the details about your vision and we will help with design and pricing.


Ornamental Steel

We fabricate all types of ornamental projects including stairs, handrail, guardrail, steel fencing, unique parts, and members, and embedded components.


Trailer Enhancement

Need your truck or trailer to function more according to your needs? Sometimes an addition to what you have already is better than starting over with something new.


Ranch Welding

Equipment breaks at the worst time and you can’t always get it to a shop.

We have mobile welding equipment that comes to you where you need it when you need it.

custom metal fabrication

Custom Fabrication

Custom metal fabrication with our specialized service catering to compliant steps, ramps, and miscellaneous metal structures. We understand that functionality must when it comes to essential features.


Trailer Repairs

Trailers suffer from a whole lot more wear and tear than we realize. Sometimes you have to just cut it out, make a new one, and get it back on the road.