LYONS Fire Protection District – metal signage by RMSC

I would like to present to you some metal signage work that was produced a few months ago at Rocky Mountain Steel Craft. I designed and fabricated a set of “seal” signs for Lions Fire Protection District that included steel cutting and welding.

The process starts with detailed designing and drawing, ensuring each part of the metal is precisely cut to bring out all the intended details.

After designing, the metal fabrication process begins. The parts are cut, then cleaned, making them ready for the next stages of crafting.

This specific project is notable for its assembly method. Each piece is connected using welded studs and bolts, designed to be detachable. The placement of every hole and stud was carefully planned and executed.

Following the assembly, I added a hand-grinded texture to the shield and axes. I then applied a light heat oxidation to the raw material to introduce some color, particularly creating blue hues through heat treatment.

Colorful Metal Sign Creation

After texturing, each piece was individually powder coated. The raw steel parts received a gloss clear coating for both aesthetics and protection.

The final step involved assembling the pieces. I had to fabricate custom brackets to ensure the sign mounted correctly to the existing frame.

The signs have been installed now, check out the pictures.
If you have any questions about this metal project, or any other, please let me know.

Thank you,